Are you a victim of campus sexual misconduct? Are you an accused student? Are you advising students in a campus sexual misconduct process? Are you the parents of a student involved in a campus sexual misconduct complaint? If so, we may be able to help. Here’s how.

  • Legal advising, representation, and support in campus sexual misconduct proceedings.
  • Providing attorney representation in civil suits related to campus sexual misconduct.
  • Advising families, advocates, and those acting as support persons in campus sexual misconduct proceedings.
  • Expert witnesses in Title IX and related campus sexual misconduct litigation.
  • Advising campuses in conducting campus sexual misconduct investigations and proceedings.

Our team includes some of the foremost Title IX experts in the nation. Part of our law practice represents colleges and universities, more than 75 of them, and we know higher education law inside and out. We’ve trained more than 750 campus hearing boards. We have written more than 85 campus codes of conduct. Our model sexual misconduct policy is the most commonly used model for colleges and universities. When choosing an attorney to help guide you through the process, having our insider expertise can make all the difference.

In addition to our work for colleges, we advise students and families involved in campus sexual misconduct proceedings, as well. Your rights need protecting, and we know more about those rights than anyone. For example, the Violence Against Women Act Section 304 assures students involved in a campus sexual misconduct process the right to be advised by an attorney throughout that process. Your campus can’t legally prohibit you from being advised by attorneys, whether campus rules allow us to be in the room with you during interviews and hearings or not. We can’t represent you in a complaint involving a campus we represent, and we don’t take every case. We have to believe in your cause, and we don’t help rapists escape responsibility for their perpetration. But, we also know that not everyone who is accused is guilty of a violating campus policy. So, contact us to review your case, discuss your needs, and learn about your rights.

Brett Sokolow
Brett A. Sokolow, J.D.

Brett A. Sokolow is the founder and CEO of TNG, and is based in the Los Angeles area. He is the author of twelve books and dozens of articles on campus and school district safety and liability issues. He has been qualified as an expert in federal court. He also serves as President of ATIXA, the Association of Title IX Administrators.

Saundra K. Schuster
Saundra K. Schuster, J.D.

Saunie Schuster is a partner with TNG, based in Columbus, OH. She is a past-president of the Association of Student Conduct Administrators and a founder and Advisory Board member of ATIXA, the Association of Title IX Administrators. She has served as General Counsel to a community college and as an Asst. Attorney General for the Ohio Education Division.

W. Scott Lewis
W. Scott Lewis, J.D.

Scott Lewis is a partner with TNG, based in Denver, CO. He is a past-president of the Association of Student Conduct Administrators and a founder and Advisory Board member of ATIXA, the Association of Title IX Administrators. Scott came to TNG after serving as Assistant Vice Provost of the University of South Carolina and as a faculty member.

Daniel C. Swinton
Daniel C. Swinton, J.D., Ed.D.

Daniel Swinton is the President of TNG. He is a past-president of the Association of Student Conduct Administrators and Vice President of ATIXA, the Association of Title IX Administrators. Prior to his work with TNG, he served as Assistant Dean and Director of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity at Vanderbilt University.

Client Testimonials

Midway through our son’s freshman year at a small liberal arts college, he was accused of having non-consensual sex with another freshman. This girl claimed that she drank to the point of incapacitation and therefore was unable to consent. However, none of her own witnesses who were with her during the night in question supported her claim that she was incapacitated. In addition to this, the texts between our son and this girl over the next number of weeks following the incident clearly demonstrated that she was an active participant in their sexual encounter. We believed strongly that our son was innocent.

The current climate on campuses and in the press right now is weighted heavily toward victim’s rights and we were deeply concerned that our son’s rights would not be protected and that he would not receive a fair hearing.

We sought an expert in Title IX policies and procedures for handling sexual misconduct cases on campus. Brett Sokolow made it very clear to us at the start that he would not take this case unless he was certain of our son’s innocence. He thankfully became our son’s attorney.

The process and rules for handling sexual misconduct cases on campus is completely different than the normal judicial process that we know. We could not have navigated through this properly without an attorney with Brett’s particular expertise. Brett advocated and fought for our son’s rights to be protected throughout and ensured that our son would be treated fairly at the hearing.

We are relieved and grateful that our hearing resulted in our son’s favor.

Dear Brett:
I wanted to re-touch base and thank you for your assistance in the recent reporting on [my daughter’s] case. Your comments lend a real credibility to the pieces. Our conversation from last winter was instrumental in giving us encouragement to not only enter the campus conduct system, but to endure it. You are much appreciated.
— Mother of a Survivor

I am more than willing to speak out. The pro bono support and assistance you have provided me has been tremendous. As a victim of campus rape, we need individuals like yourself who are willing to fight for us. I refuse to look away and not allow those who have the power and privilege to not be held responsible. Higher education is about accountability, and I wasn't protected.
— A Survivor

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Executive Vice President for Client Relations